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Behold! News and announcements  So long, and thanks for all the chips!

Hymerfania has indefinitely suspended operations.
The good news is that we are debt free, and still own all our intellectual property. So we may be back!

Thanks again to our customers, suppliers and friends.

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Behold! News and announcements  Behold!
MonsterPC becomes independent
October 17, 2004
MonsterPC has become a seprate privately held entity.

Elite Screaming Systems!! 

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Elite Screaming Systems!!

Own the lan! Paralyze the lamers [your friends] with fear! Napalm [burn them up] them with envy!


Home Theater 

Home Theater Components and Installations

Lyraphon, The newest addition to the Orpheus line of converged digital-analog home theater receivers. Not only is it everything you've ever wanted in a A/V receiver, Lyraphon is the world's only vacuum tube Linux platform!

Hymerfania Event  Hymerfania Event
Converged systems for the Masses
January 6, 2005
Location: Pacifica Beach Resort
Current Digital Video Recorder (DVR) products are unappealing to the mainstream of TV viewers, most of who never figured out how to program their VCRS. We demonstrate a DVR design that is exciting and engaging for youth ad other early adopters, while easy and intuitive for the mainstream. Seniors from a local center will participate!
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