Charles Hymes


1655 Adobe Drive, Pacifica Ca, 94044
Phone: (available via email)

My passion is to develop the best possible customer experience for interactive products. I am leaving this cover letter on my personal web site, hoping that an organization needs a Director of Design who has expertise in empirical customer requirements, mastery of interactive technologies and a refined esthetic sense, and who can help ensure that your products are as desirable, sellable and enjoyable as possible.

I have been employed as a manager, architect, developer and evaluator of interactive products for the last 12 years. I have created screen layouts and final designs for desktop and web products, and collaborated with industrial designers and mechanical engineers to develop 3D and foam core prototypes of hardware devices. I have coded complete desktop applications, online games, and both architected and written JSP interfaces for J2EE platforms. While in the doctoral program at the University of Michigan, I completed comprehensive graduate level training in human performance, information architecture, user interface design, and usability. As a manager and director of usability and design groups, I also became competent in supervising creative and development teams.

In addition to my hands-on experience and tactical qualifications, I possess well-developed skills in strategically analyzing product, technology and market issues related to the customer experience. As a consultant for Fortune 50 enterprises, I have developed and presented extensive reports defining the business case and market need for product lines and services. Furthermore, I have extensive experience producing requirements documentation for technical teams, product differentiation reports, and competitive analyses. I have conducted comprehensive series of focus groups and user experience studies on a range of broadband content offerings, such as multimedia, set-top technologies, and new models of branding and advertising. As a person with these additional skills and experience, I hope that your client's organization is receptive to filling a position whose scope includes responsibilities for the strategic direction of products.

I am eager to talk with you about the contribution I could make to a product development organization. If this letter and my resume are consistent with the needs of your company, I hope that you will email me to arrange a time and date to meet.

Thank you most sincerely for your time and consideration.

Charles Hymes