Charles Hymes

January 2002 – January 2003 Nuasis Inc.

User Interface Architect

Nuasis provides enterprise solutions for customer contact management. As the User Interface architect, I was responsible for all aspects of the user interfaces for our product. This was a remarkably sophisticated product, which required dozens of completely separate interfaces, ranging from web-based application server management, to high performance software telephones. To optimize the performance of the product, I developed several novel UI components. Customers have been delighted with these innovations, and Nuasis has filed patents on my work.


  • Defined technical and user requirements from marketing requirements.
  • Developed formal criteria for selecting interface technologies, and used those criteria to select the interfaces' foundations. Across the product line, used Java JSP, Microsoft’s Win32 and 1.1 Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT), and Java Swing from Sun’s 1.4 JVM.
  • Acted as chief user advocate. Worked with executive staff to document requirements and to design the user interfaces. Provided expertise in human performance and interaction technologies.
  • Created mockups and working prototypes of the interface screens and components. Created final design documentation and technical notes for all interfaces.
  • Coded initial structure for all screens and components, and subsequently forwarded the code to other members of the technical staff.
  • Developed critical new intellectual property in the form of patentable UI components and technologies.